About IFU

What is the specialty of IFU?

The International French University provides degrees delivered only at a distance, via courses 100% online by means of video. This university is present in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Our aim is to train students for one year in Executive Education via an Executive MBA in the fields of Finance and Accounting, Digital Marketing and General Management or for 3 years in DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration).

Who can apply for our programs?

There are different types of profiles accepted at the IFU: firstly, students who have validated a master’s degree can continue their studies at the IFU. But the school also gives the opportunity to people holding a bachelor’s degree, having a few years of professional experience (at least 2 years) and wishing to deepen their knowledge or to specialize in one of the fields of studies offered. The objective of the IFU is to enable professionals of different profiles to obtain a rewarding, recognized and qualitative degree. In addition, whether it is IFU Asia or IFU Africa, the programs will take geographic, cultural and academic specificities into account in order to meet the expectations of the students.

What are the highlights of IFU?

In addition to the 128 hours of online lessons, IFU students will have to take up challenges throughout the year. The most important challenge of the year is Smart’Up Week. During a week, the students work in group to solve problems and respond to the requests of the client selected for this challenge. Throughout the week, students are followed by professionals during coaching sessions, to be subsequently graded by a jury of experts of the fields.

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