Executive MBA VS. DBA,
which one should you pick?

What is an MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master’s degree in business administration. It is an international graduate degree, in the fields of strategy, marketing, finance, which achieves the highest possible study certification in these fields. The MBA is known to be one of the best ways to advance and develop your career. It brings a new dimension of qualification, new knowledge, as well as the possibility of reorienting oneself or of supplementing one’s previous degrees. This can prove to be a real professional asset to boost one’s career.  

What is the difference with a DBA?

A DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) is a degree aimed at professionals already in the field, who have not had the time or the opportunity to complete a doctorate. It is also the highest qualification in management. The main advantage of this degree is that it takes into account the fact that the professionals who work alongside. The format of the courses is therefore adapted to their situation, which allows them to be able to work while attending the courses. At IFU, as our courses are taught entirely online, professionals can organize their working time as they wish according to their schedule.

What are the differences between these two degrees?

The main difference between these two courses is their duration. The MBA takes place over one year while the DBA takes place over 3 years. In addition, for the validation of the MBA, a thesis is mandatory. As for the DBA, students must write a dissertation. Therefore, there are few courses as priority is given to doing research. The goal of the DBA is to allow professionals to look at one or more themes and problems of management, to find solutions and put theory into practice. Our students will be able to develop new ideas, new concepts and thus apply them or at least test them within his/her own company to get the results and improve or change their ideas. This work will be carried out over 3 years; the result will not be the same as for the thesis of MBA which is to be completed in 1 year.

What are the similarities?

Just like the MBA, the DBA is also accessible to anyone with a master’s degree. In addition, in view of these highly qualitative courses, graduates will have access to greater professional opportunities. After completing an MBA or DBA, the professional’s expertise has been asserted and he/she can therefore claim higher qualified positions. This is an undeniable asset in a company where there is fierce competition.

It is obvious that nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to evolve quickly within a company, having an additional certification in order to stand out in your field of activity thanks to your expertise has become a real asset. At IFU, all students will be supported to achieve their professional goals.

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