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New ideas

Educational innovation proposed by International French University refers to the development and implementation of new ideas, approaches and technologies in the field of education, with the aim of improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching and our learners’ learning online and in blended learning.

Learning methods

These methods focus on originality in teaching and learning. They can include flipped classrooms, project- and inquiry-based learning, gamification, and other student-centered approaches that engage them and make education more interactive and effective, especially at this level.

Necessary adaptation

Educational innovation at IFU is essential to meeting the changing needs of learners and the demands of a rapidly changing world. It is more engaging, effective and accessible while adapting to the ever-changing landscape of technology and knowledge.

Blended and online learning

At IFU, blended learning combines traditional classroom teaching with online components. It provides students with flexibility and opportunities to learn at their own pace. Fully online learning, through the innovative IFU platform, can deliver education to a global audience and reach students who would not otherwise have access to traditional classrooms.

Personalized learning

this method often aims to adapt teaching to the needs, abilities and learning styles of each learner. This involves using data and technology to create adaptive learning pathways and resources.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER are educational resources freely accessible by IFU learners (in different ways), such as online resources, videos and interactive simulations. Their use is a form aimed at increasing access to information at any time.

Project-based and experiential learning

These approaches emphasize the concrete application of knowledge and skills through projects, bootcamps, immersions and other practical experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Integration of technology

At the IFU, the use of technology is an important driver of learning. This will include in this case a very modern online learning platform, educational resources, virtual reality in very rare cases, artificial intelligence and data analysis for personalized learning experiences.

Professional development of teachers

Helping educators acquire new teaching methods, technologies and skills is a key element of our educational approach. This may include continuing education, peer learning networks and mentoring.

Sustainability and environmental education

Faced with growing concerns about the environment, the educational approach at the IFU includes the integration of sustainability and environmental education into programs and educational practices. In particular, we follow the UN’s 17 goals of sustainable development in our transmissions.

Inclusive Education

Innovations in education aim to make learning more accessible and inclusive for all students, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds or learning styles.