IFU’s Strengths

The IFU is a school that offers original training with a certain number of advantages for learners’ future projects.

Reputation and Ranking

The IFU is beginning to integrate international institutions and receive reputable labels. Its faculty and IFU projects will enable it to quickly integrate international rankings.

International Dimension

The IFU maintain strong partnerships with many companies and organizations. It offers job opportunities, professional projects, mentoring, and development for its students.

Varied Programs

The school offers a variety of academic programs, from MBA, EMBA and DBA programs, allowing students to choose the program that best suits their needs and goals.


The IFU supports entrepreneurship through its own pre-incubator and numerous programs aimed at encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

Professional opportunities

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Academic excellence

The IFU has a renowned faculty who have demonstrated an academic career of very high quality. The teachers are experts in their field, and the programs are designed to be in sync with current trends in the business world.

Alumni network of its partner group

The IFU has a very large and influential alumni network thanks to the Group’s schools. The Group’s graduates are present in many companies, offering networking opportunities and access to high-level job positions.

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

The IFU emphasizes corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, providing programs and opportunities for students interested in these issues, and adhering to the 17 goals of the United Nations on sustainable development.

Student life and extracurricular activities

The IFU and its Group offer a dynamic student life with numerous clubs, associations and social and cultural events that enrich the student experience, even remotely.

It should be noted that the IFU is constantly evolving and continues to innovate to meet the changing needs of its learners and the business world. Specific benefits will vary depending on each student’s programs and goals, but overall, IFU offers a strong academic education and exciting professional opportunities.