The International French University pre-incubator is a structure which aims to support and accompany entrepreneurial project leaders (IFU students) at the initial stage of their idea or business concept, before they join a business incubator or create their own startup. This pre-incubator plays a vital role in helping these future entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses.

Validation of the idea: This pre-incubator helps IFU project leaders to validate their business idea by structuring the process of market studies, competitive analyzes and feedback in particular.

Training and Mentoring: It provides training and mentoring to help entrepreneurs develop their skills in management, strategy, marketing, finance, and other key areas of business.

Network Access: It provides IFU entrepreneurs with networking opportunities, connections with industry experts, potential investors, and other entrepreneurs.

Legal and administrative assistance: It helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal and administrative issues related to starting a business, such as legal structure, intellectual property, licensing, and subsidies.

Development of business models: it helps them develop viable business models and plan their financial strategy.

Feedback and iterations: It encourage entrepreneurs to collect feedback on their product or service, use it to make improvements, and iterate on their concept.

Preparation for incubation: Once projects are sufficiently mature, the IFU pre-incubator helps prepare entrepreneurs to apply to join a business incubator or to continue their development independently.


Department Contact Info

Asia : One Central, Trade center 2, Dubai
Europe : Tour Atlantique, La Défense, Paris
America : 115 broadway street, New-York City
Africa : Boulavard Anfa, Casablanca


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.

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The IFU Pre-Incubator is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, as it offers essential support in turning their idea into a concrete business. The objective is to modestly contribute to the development of a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem by helping new projects to flourish.