Publishing House

General overview

Before publishing a work, a thesis or an article, the publishing house ensures that it corresponds to its editorial line. Then, the work will be read by the editor-in-chief as well as a reading committee. Thus, the publisher chooses which manuscripts will be published.

For a School or University, having a publishing house represents a comparative advantage. Few of them have such a lever of influence (only a few publish works or manage journals: Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Sorbonne University Press…

We can also cite Columbia, Duke, Princeton, Yale, Cornell … Having a publishing house has long been the privilege of large universities located in large cities, with digital the cards are reduced.

This publishing house, attached to Paris Ecole de Management and the International French University, will be 100% digital, but will keep – in the archives of its headquarters in Paris La Défense – paper copies of its publications.


- Promotion of publications

- Course layout

- Publication of the best student research works

The International French University publishing house aims to produce and publish teaching and educational resources specially designed for the needs of students, businesses and professors, particularly for higher education levels. Here are some of the main functions and uses of our publishing house:

Publication of textbooks and educational resources: It produces textbooks, books, study guides and other educational resources designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills in their field of study.

Adaptation to academic level: It produces content adapted to the academic level of students, whether undergraduate, graduate, professional training, or other levels.

Taking into account disciplines: It produces specific resources for all academic disciplines offered by the IFU, ranging from management to strategy, including marketing, finance, communication, and adapted to each sector and branch of activity.`

Content Updates: The IFU Publishing House will regularly update its contents to reflect the latest findings, new theories, and up-to-date practices in each area of ​​study offered.

Personalization and diversification: This publishing house offers digital educational resources, which allows teachers and students to have easy access and adapt to their specific needs.

Help with exam preparation: It will publish revision guides, questionnaires, exercises and books intended to help students prepare effectively for exams.

Support for Higher Education: In addition to serving students, student publishers create resources for teachers, professors, and instructors, helping them provide quality education.

Academic research: It will be involved in the publication of academic research, including theses, dissertations, articles, and books written by PEM and IFU students and speakers.

Accessibility: They are concerned with the accessibility of educational resources, ensuring that they are free for all (open source) and that they are available in digital formats.

This publishing house will play an essential role in the creation and dissemination of quality educational resources for students, teachers and higher education institutions. It aims to support learning, research and teaching in a wide range of academic areas operated by PEM and the IFU.

A publishing company allows to build a culture of open research, encouraging research students and Faculty members to be as open as they can in their publications

A publishing company allows to  reinforce the engagement with business community and other partners.

A publishing company allows to diversify the portfolio of research income